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We provide professional critter trapping services in Walnut Creek, and all of the East Bay area. Our company specializes in animal removal and prevention, including raccoon control, skunk removal, bat control, and even snake removal services. We are experts at permanent rodent control. We are not like other Walnut Creek exterminator companies. Unlike a standard Walnut Creek pest control company, we do not use poisons, but instead solve your rat and mouse problems permanently via home repairs to keep animals out. We are fully California licensed and insured, and are usually available for same-day or next-day service. Call us any time at 510-990-3749 to discuss your wildlife issue.

Do squirrels chew on wood in or on a house? Why, and what are the risks?
The rodents are of such a nature that they have got the habit of roaming around. While they roam here and there, they tend to chew the materials. Whether the squirrels chew these materials or they eat them up. Sometimes the squirrels tend to chew the wooden decks and pieces which they should not chew in routine. Basically the squirrels chew the wooden things in order to maintain their teeth. If they do not chew on the things, they simply get their teeth out of shape even in one night. Basically the squirrels chew the things in order to sharpen and shape their teeth. However it is important not to let them eat or chew on the wood by applying certain deterrent methods. In this way the squirrels will be directed to any other thing.

Squirrels eating fiery wood
Once the squirrels chew the wood deck then there are chances that they will do that again. There are certain ways of making the squirrels not doing so frequently by applying certain materials on the eaten up area of wood. In most of the cases it is recommended that some of the hot sauce is squirted on the chewed part of the wood and that will be acting as the deterrent for the squirrels. The more hot sauce is put on the wood the more deterrent it will be for the squirrels. If the sauce is sprinkled on the chewed localized part, then it can be very effective. On the other hand if more than one site is chewed, then it becomes difficult to stop it from spreading. Then it becomes difficult to stop the part of wood from being eaten or chewed. It is also noted that red peppers are a source of strong irritation especially in their eyes. Another way is to keep the squirrels away by sprinkling the moth balls over the chewed part of wood.

Remove the food sources
It has been noted that the squirrels are attracted by the food sources present in the area of close vicinity. Usually it is perceived that the trees are a source of temptation for the squirrels but this is not the case. Basically the squirrels get attracted by the dog feed or bird feed if it placed on the deck. Therefore it is better to remove these things from the deck so that the squirrels may not get a chance to contact the wood decks.

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