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We provide professional critter trapping services in Richmond, and all of the East Bay area. Our company specializes in animal removal and prevention, including raccoon control, skunk removal, bat control, and even snake removal services. We are experts at permanent rodent control. We are not like other Richmond exterminator companies. Unlike a standard Richmond pest control company, we do not use poisons, but instead solve your rat and mouse problems permanently via home repairs to keep animals out. We are fully California licensed and insured, and are usually available for same-day or next-day service. Call us any time at 510-990-3749 to discuss your wildlife issue.

How to keep skunks out of my garbage cans
It is very heartbreaking when you wake up each morning and find your garbage-can in a mess, and litter all over the place. This is bound to happen since the skunk will • Mess with your-can • Dig holes on your compound • Make it a routine to come to your compound You need to find a lasting solution or the same process will keep on recurring all the time. You do not want to scare the skunks away at night since they many turn violent and even spray you the skunk fluid.

Remove food from garbage cans
The skunks come to your garbage can since it is a source of food. The best thing to do is to eliminate all the food items from your garbage bin. This means the skunks will ransack the bin only to find that it is empty and there is no food. This is the best way of eliminating the skunks from your home.

Have lighting at night
Skunks do not love light and this is the reason why you need to have good lighting at night. Place a light near the garbage bin. At night, you shall switch it on, and this will mean that the skunks will not go near the garbage bin.

Automated sprinklers
Skunks do not love water on their body and this is the best way of eliminating them from the compound. You need to invest in the automatic sprinklers, which shall activate and spray the water when there is movement. This is an ideal way of keeping your garbage bin in the right order, and at the same time eliminate the skunks from entering your compound.

Surround with mesh
You have the chance of investing in a wire mesh around your compound. This mesh shall make it hard for the skunks to climb over and come to your home. The mesh should have very tiny spaces, which limit the skunks from passing through. If you invest in the mesh, you shall not need to worry about the problem of skunks anymore. When you adapt these methods, you shall eliminate the threat and menace of skunks from ensuring your home, or messing with your garbage can. Some of these methods offers a long-term solution to the issue, and it enables one to eliminate this vice of skunks. Some methods are cheap to initiate like removing food from the bins, and lighting. Choose the method you find effective and appealing to your needs.

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