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We provide professional critter trapping services in Pleasanton, and all of the East Bay area. Our company specializes in animal removal and prevention, including raccoon control, skunk removal, bat control, and even snake removal services. We are experts at permanent rodent control. We are not like other Pleasanton exterminator companies. Unlike a standard Pleasanton pest control company, we do not use poisons, but instead solve your rat and mouse problems permanently via home repairs to keep animals out. We are fully California licensed and insured, and are usually available for same-day or next-day service. Call us any time at 510-990-3749 to discuss your wildlife issue.

Should I hire a pro, or remove skunks myself? When it comes to removing skunks, you need to keep in mind details like:

• Materials • Behavior of the skunk • Number of skunks in the garden

Once you factor in these details, you shall decide if you want to hire a professional to handle the matter or you shall go forth with the process of eliminating the skunks on your own.

Advantages of hiring a pro
If you hire a pro, you do not need to worry about going through the hectic and tedious process of eliminating the skunks from your home. Most of the pros have the right handling equipment, which shall catch the skunks instantly, leading to an end to your issue. Disadvantages of hiring a pro
You shall find it is very costly when you hire a pro to eliminate on skunk from your home. You will also find that the results are not instantaneous and you need to keep on calling them to your home. Some professionals take long to respond to your calls and this leads to more disruptions in your backyard. You need to focus on choosing the pro, who has skills and a good reputation.

Is it possible to remove the skunk myself?
Many people do not want to waste cash and time and this is the reason why they find it is efficient when they take the chance of removing the skunk. However, you need to be aware that the skunks are very dangerous creatures and can turn violent. This means they can bite you, and spray the fluid on you. If you want to eliminate the skunks, you can use methods like lighting at night, using wire mesh, or sprinklers in your garden. Going to physically remove the skunks might turn out the wrong way, and you shall regret ever making that move.

When should you rely on a pro?
You need to rely on a pro when you do not know the means and ways of eliminating the skunks from your home. Some people do not have an idea of using the lighting or sprinklers or find the methods too costly for them. You need not to worry since you have the chance of relying on a pro. When the mother skunk has baby skunks, it becomes very violent and hard for you to eliminate it from your compound. In such cases, you will find it necessary to rely on a professional, who has the right handling tools to eliminate all the skunks from your backyard.

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