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We provide professional critter trapping services in Orinda, and all of the East Bay area. Our company specializes in animal removal and prevention, including raccoon control, skunk removal, bat control, and even snake removal services. We are experts at permanent rodent control. We are not like other Orinda exterminator companies. Unlike a standard Orinda pest control company, we do not use poisons, but instead solve your rat and mouse problems permanently via home repairs to keep animals out. We are fully California licensed and insured, and are usually available for same-day or next-day service. Call us any time at 510-990-3749 to discuss your wildlife issue.

Do squirrels chew on electrical wires? Why, and what are the risks?
It is very well known that the squirrels living in the premises of living area are a continuous nuisance and disturbance. Especially the ones living in the attic can cause huge losses to the dwellers of house. They can be that much dangerous that their chewing can cause fire hazard if they chew the wiring of house. Usually the attic is the most favorite place of rodents like squirrels and whenever they start dwelling in the attic, the wiring of your house is in danger. Therefore it is better to remove the nesting of squirrels even in the beginning. This is because it is the only way of not letting them to stay in your house and destroy the wiring. There are a lot of fire as well as health hazards associated with the presence of squirrels living in your attic. More specifically the squirrels living in the attic can not only be a danger to your wiring but also their waste products are a source of contamination in your water and food reservoirs.

Steps that should be taken to avoid the squirrels
The most dangerous place in the house where these squirrels can nest and cause the greatest damages is the attic of your house. Therefore you should regularly check and carry out thorough inspection of the house area in general and attic in particular to check for any droppings by the squirrels. If there is any part of wire ripped apart found then it should be instantly recovered and replaced otherwise even a small puncture in wiring can cause huge losses due to short circuiting. The points of edges of attic where the roof is meeting the wall are the most susceptible ones with respect to the squirrel attacks and nests. Any small hole over there can be used by the squirrels to enter into your attic and this could be a start of a very big problem. Any small hole can be very advantageous for the squirrels because they can enlarge it by chewing the edges and can make their nests in these holes or can use them for entering into the attic. If any of the squirrel holes are located anywhere in the house, then it is advised to install the one way doors at those places which could not allow the entry of squirrels again once they have exited. These doors are consisting of simple flaps which can be installed by means of screws so that they can allow one way movement for the squirrels.

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