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We provide professional critter trapping services in Fremont, and all of the East Bay area. Our company specializes in animal removal and prevention, including raccoon control, skunk removal, bat control, and even snake removal services. We are experts at permanent rodent control. We are not like other Fremont exterminator companies. Unlike a standard Fremont pest control company, we do not use poisons, but instead solve your rat and mouse problems permanently via home repairs to keep animals out. We are fully California licensed and insured, and are usually available for same-day or next-day service. Call us any time at 510-990-3749 to discuss your wildlife issue.

Will the city or county animal services help me with a skunk issue?
When it comes to getting rid of skunks, you shall find it ideal when you rely on the animal services. However, you do not have the guarantee they shall answer your call and come to your location immediately. There are cases where the client has not had any response from the animal control department for weeks. However, in other cases, you shall find that the animal control department shall respond to your call instantly. When you want to eliminate the skunks, you should • Rely on a professional • Do not kill or poison the skunks • Use natural methods like lighting and sprinklers to eliminate the skunks

Address the matter to prevent death of skunks
Many people want to kill the skunks and they do not know they are doing a major hitch on the food chain and environment. The skunks have a major role to play in the animal kingdom and eliminating them means there are loads of insects and weeds, which shall remain constant in the gardens and the wild. Killing the skunks is not a solution. You need to choose the right way, which entails relying on the animal handlers, who shall use their skills and tools to remove the skunks from your garbage cans and gardens. Do not make the mistake of shooting or poisoning the skunks.

Have correct handling materials
You shall find that it is ideal when you settle for the animal control unit since they have the training to handle these kinds of animals. You shall notice that many skunks turn violent but when you deal with animal department, they shall know the correct way of containing them. They have the tools, and technique of eliminating the skunks from your garden and taking them back into the wild.

May take long to respond
You will find that it is ideal to rely on the professionals to aid with the issue of skunk removal. However, you shall find that they take long to respond. This is the reason why many people are fed up and they want to eliminate the skunk without any assistance. You shall find that some people will shoot at the skunks with guns, and some will use poisons to kill them. This is not the right way of going about it. You can use the natural methods like lighting, and wire mesh to keep the skunks away instead of killing them. You also need to connect with the animal services and wildlife rehabilitators to aid with your issue.

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