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Bat Control in Oakland California

We provide professional bat trapping services in Oakland, and all of the East Bay area. Our company specializes in humane bat removal and prevention. We are fully California licensed and insured, and are usually available for same-day or next-day service. Call us any time at 510-990-3749 to discuss your bat issue, and we can schedule a fast appointment.

Bat Repellent
If you want an ideal way of eliminating bats, you should use the exclusion, fencing, or trapping. Some people will find it is easier when they use the repellent. However, it is not highly recommended since
  • It is a poison
  • It kills the bat
  • poison if you spray to much repellent in your home
  • Not ideal if you have children around
It is important to seek additional advice on always of eliminating the bats as opposed to killing them.

Natural repellents
There are natural repellents, which are from plants, which have a foul smell, or poison, which makes it uncomfortable for bats to live in the attic. When you place these repellents in your attic, you shall prevent the bats from living in the place again. You should place these repellents when the bats are away and when they come back, they will find the room full of the repellent and they shall escape.

Store repellents
There are different kinds of brands of bat repellents that are available in the store. They come in different varieties based on the kind of service that you want. You will find that some providers have a very strong repellent, which shall kill the bats instantly, and some repellents are very mild and they will not cause much harm to the bats. You need to choose a repellent, which will scare the bats away through the foul smell, and mild poison as opposed to using a repellent that is very strong, and will eliminate the bats through killing them. Choose the repellents that are highly recommended or you can consult a professional for advice.

Are they effective?
The bat repellents are very effective since they act as a poison, which shall kill the bats or make them weak and you will capture the bats. According to studies conducted, most repellents are very effective since they have harmful chemicals, which act as poison. Once you release the repellent in your attic, the bats will be suffocated, and if they lack sufficient air, they shall die. When it comes to effectiveness, they are good but it is not right to kill bats.

Will they address the problem?
You can use many ways to kill a bat, and you can use many ways to scare and eliminate the bats from your house. At the end of the day, you will address the issue, which is to eliminate the bats from your home. However, the act of killing many bats is not good and in many occasions, it is illegal. You can choose an effective method, which will eliminate the bats and will not harm or injure them in any way. At the end of the day, it is best to protect the bat population since they are vital in pollinating flowers, and eliminating insects, which hinder crop germination. Danger they cause to the bats Repellents are not advisable for use as a means or eliminating or getting rid of bats. This is due to the high level of concentration in terms of chemicals and the harm it will do to the bats. Some repellents are very effective in terms of killing the bats, and this means you will harm an entire population of bats, that are living in your attic. The young bats cannot fly and this means they will not have the capacity to escape the harmful fumes they have exposed to them. This leaves them suffocating leading to a slow and painful death. This is inhumane since there are many other ways you can use to eliminate the bats instead of killing them.

Are they legalized
You need to choose a legalized method, which will not cause harm, or place you on trouble with the law. You need to know that it is not permitted to kill bats especially in the large numbers. A simple bottle of repellent can kill hundreds of bats within a short spun. Most of these repellents are not legalized and this means you are using a wrong channel to eliminate bats. You only need to choose the mild repellents, which shall keep bats away but will not kill them. The best methods to use instead of repellents There are a ton of other methods that you can use and they will eliminate the bats. This means that you do not need to rely heavily n the poisons or the fumigants since they do not work fully, and most importantly, they cause a huge harm to the bats. You need to make sure that the method you choose is effective and will keep the bats out of your home. When you use the repellent, there are higher chances that you shall kill the bats, and this is illegal. Choose safe methods like fencing, sealing holes, and good lighting all the time in order to keep the bats away. Once you practice the above steps, you will find that it is not necessary to buy repellents, which are very harmful to these innocent animals.

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